What Are The Best Themes For a Wedding

Weddings are direly romantic and downright ceremonial. You deserve to make a strong statement: a statement that exudes nothing but your sincere desire and your tenacious determination to make things work. Things indeed will work, but you must proclaim it with more than just words and as ceremoniously as possible. Your wedding is your biggest and most pomp moment to assert your rules and to invite people to share in your life. You cannot go to for a regular ceremony with a regular theme. That is called mediocrity, and to beat it, you must face the fear of choosing a theme of grandiose and command. The following qualities of the best themes to come up with:

  1. They Are Premised On a Mood Board


Wedding themes are the most definitive and basic tools to use to set and manipulate mood. The theme should be vivid and synchronized from all aesthetics, visuals and audios that will be used on your big day. Particularly, you should color and tone coordinate some of the following wedding paraphernalia:



2.  They Are Personal


The most personal events that ever existed are marriages. Two people decide to make their personal matters public and swear to each other publicly. You definitely deserve to have customized food menus, cocktails and dance music.

It is your day, and you the theme better show it!


  3. Appease your Cultural Affiliations


Whether you like it or not, we are all social beings, and a wedding ceremony is the ideal epitome of that. It is undeniable that married couples have to put up with their in-laws and that they yield to some level of compromise to make their marriages work. A wedding ceremony symbolizes similarity and compromise. Therefore you must never cast a blind eye on your cultural heritage when making your wedding theme. However, remember that you must compromise and allow the culture that you are embracing in marriage to express itself in the wedding theme just as well.


4.  Promote Talent and Artistic Expression


You will be surprised to figure out just how many super-talented people are out there suffering without even exposing their talent. You can find great designers who will design decorations, great painters who will make paintings and arrange them strategically to enrich your thematic concerns for the wedding. You can also get greatly gifted DJs, bands, dancers and Mcees. Interacting with them intimately for a while will help them to develop chemistry for the theme and to draw inspiration from it. It is literally possible to convert a wedding into an art exhibition running together with a live concert that is well curated to center all around your theme and your story.


5.  Precise Execution


A great theme has to be planned and detailed. It has to be strictly enforced, and it provides utmost fun and fulfillment when it comes to life. However, a wedding is literally a lifetime of ceremonies all compacted into one big event and it must be therefore mastered with expertise. A rookie simply cannot coordinate all the nitty gritty like a pro would, and the pro would actually have to work and put in time to ease in into the theme character.


Remember, they are never anything more impressive as a well-executed theme.